DPE: Digital Preservation Europe - Video Training

DPE Digital Preservation Video Training

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Training goals

The training introduces participants to a number of key digital preservation principles. Participants will leave with:

  • an awareness and understanding of key digital preservation issues and challenges,
  • an appreciation of the range of roles and responsibilities involved with digital preservation activity,
  • knowledge about the reference model for Open Archival Information System (OAIS),
  • a familiarity with file formats currently considered beneficial for preservation,
  • a developed understanding of the role and use of metadata and representation information,
  • knowledge of the preservation planning process and its benefits to overall digital preservation strategies,
  • an insight into the concepts of trust and trustworthiness in the context of digital preservation,
  • a working knowledge of the issues surrounding audit methodologies and self-certification of digital repositories.

Target Audience

This training event was aimed at practitioners and researchers from the archives, libraries and museums sector, as well as other institutions such as data archives, government departments, legal and commercial sectors with an interest in the topic of digital preservation.

Tips how to use the video training effectively

  • Get some background knowledge before you start watching the videos, as a minimum read our What is Digital Preservation? page, and look at the suggested resources and reading.
  • Use the video together with the presentations.
  • Take notes, take breaks, replay unclear parts of the presentations.
  • Google the terms you are not sure about.
  • Use our list of supplementary materials and links below each presentation.
  • The first page contains the training videos, the second, the WePreserve Forum, is set of presentation, which introduce all important research project in the area of digital presentation.
  • Sent us your feedback.