DPE: Digital Preservation Challenge

The Digital Preservation Challenge

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The 3rd Challenge is open from 5th of January 2009

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We are looking for ideas from creative students from all backgrounds with an interest in computer science. The challenge is to develop digital preservation solutions that overcome the barriers of three real-life task: Electronic art, Webarchiving and Unknown files.

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Rules and Regulations

The third challenge asks participants to provide thought-out solution for one of the three tasks. DPE will award prices for each of the tasks. It is up to the participants to provide solutions for more than one task; multiple submissions will be evaluated separately. DPE keep the option open to award prices for all tasks depending on the quality of the submissions. The prices will be announced soon.

You will be required to read and agree to the rules and regulations before making your submission to this Preservation Challenge. To be eligible to enter, you must register to become a member of the DPE user community. There is no fee involved in joining the DPE user community.

Rules and Regulations of the Second DPE challenge

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Evaluating submissions
Submissions to the third Digital Preservation Challenge will be assessed by a panel of international digital preservation experts and practitioners. The incremental scoring method the panel will use emphasises the thoroughness and quality of the documentation of the processes used to solve a challenge task rather than the overall outcome itself. Winning submissions to the Digital Preservation Challenge will be published on the DPE website following the announcement of the winning entries.

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The second Digital Preservation Challenge

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